About DAI

DISABILITY ADVANCEMENT INITIATIVE, DAI is a Non-Profit governmental Organization dedicated to furthering the Social inclusion and advocating for the Full Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Nigeria. As an organization that is committed to the cause of the country’s most neglected demography, DAI focuses on creatively addressing the social challenges that confront PWDs in their strive for socio-economic empowerment and adopts result-driven approach to executing its activities, programs and projects. 

Essentially, DAI is committed to advocate and equip the empowerment and social advancement of PWDs.

to promote inclusive development for PWDs in Nigeria through participation, capacity building and policy development.

to build a nation where all Persons with disabilities is a formidable agent for social change.

Our Aims and Objectives

  1. To advance the inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities in all spheres of life through advocacy and awareness creation.
  2. To build the capacity of persons with disabilities in Nigeria and advocate for their rights and interests.
  3. to support advancement of disability movement in Nigeria through policy development and implementation
  4. To advocate and promote education and vocational training of people with disabilities and their employment opportunities.
  5. To promote a sustainable network of people with disabilities, disability-based non-governmental organization, organizations/employers and individuals that are more disability friendly.
  6. To create awareness on the difficulties faced by people with disabilities; promote campaign against misconceptions and widespread Prejudices related to people with disability to reduce social Exclusion and discrimination.
  7. To advocate for policy frameworks that promote accessibility and disability inclusive development in the society.
  8. To promote the self-determination and wellbeing of persons with disabilities by providing platforms, information and counseling aimed at empowering them.
  9. To develop and help implement plan to improve the situation of people with disabilities and engage in policy reform favourable to the disability agenda.
  10. To organize various seminars, workshops and conferences on topical Issues for persons with disabilities, and to promote persons with disabilities artistic expression, recreation through enriching events, projects and other possibilities.


Our Team

Executive Director

Ekujereonye Bede Obinna ​

Programme Officer

Azinwa Ogochukwu Cynthia

Media/Communication Officer

Onyemaechi Constance Nneka

Finance Officer

Nworah Pascaline Amaka

Support Staff

Tobechi Ekujereonye

Gender Officer

Owonta Geraldine Chinonyelum